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Trasforma il futuro della stampa con la tecnologia inkjet a freddo, progettata da Epson

Transform the future of printing with cold inkjet technology, designed by Epson

Less hassle, more benefits

Reduce the inconvenience of traditional printers by making office tasks easier with the innovative WorkForce Pro RIPS office printers. The next generation Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) technology uses ultra-high capacity ink pouches.

No waste of time

Reduce downtime associated with managing and disposing of supplies, using shared printers, waiting for prints, and searching for documents that have been lost or withdrawn by others. Also reduce the number of IT interventions to resolve user problems, such as those related to improper installation of consumables.

No waste of budget

Reduce costs associated with wasted time, make better use of IT resources and simplify consumable management with Epson's RIPS technology. You can also estimate printing costs by taking full advantage of the productivity benefits of a distributed fleet of printers.

No waste of resources

With the RIPS system, four practical ink pouches replace toner, photoconductor unit, drums and their packaging, for a real and immediate advantage. The WorkForce Pro RIPS printers also respect the environment from the point of view of logistics and disposal, thus allowing you to meet your environmental objectives. They also offer lower power consumption than competitive laser printers.

Available exclusively as part of a cost-to-copy printing program, WorkForce Pro RIPS printers allow you to create a well-distributed fleet of printers that can meet the requirements of the most dynamic workgroups while at the same time predicting printing costs.

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