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New generation print head

Knowing what printhead technology your printer uses is essential for anyone looking to print quality documents quickly.

The Epson PrecisionCore printhead is based on an innovative technology that uses a high-density printing chip capable of delivering up to 40 million ink drops with precision.

precision core

State-of-the-art print head, now and in the future

When considering purchasing a printer, knowing what type of printhead is being used can help make an informed decision. There are two main technologies regarding the printhead: one based on heat, the other on a piezoelectric element. All Epson printers are equipped with a piezolectric head, which is considered the best in terms of performance.

Micro Piezo technology, introduced globally in 1993, has not only allowed Epson to continuously develop the printhead for its inkjet printers, it has also paved the way for all the other major manufacturers in the industry. Thanks to this proprietary technology that is still unmatched today, Epson is able to guarantee excellent print quality.

Don't just take our word for it - let's find out together what makes Micro Piezo technology so special.

Technical features

Sharp and well defined prints

Micro Piezo technology uses piezoelectric crystals that generate a pulse when they receive an electrical charge from the printer. The ink drops produced are extremely uniform, in shape as well as in size. For this the prints are sharp and well defined. Thermal printers instead use a resistance that heats the ink, bringing it to very high temperatures and thus creating an air bubble that allows it to be expelled through the nozzle. This results in a lower accuracy of the printouts.

Fast and efficient printing

In order to be able to print quickly, the ink droplets are ejected from the individual nozzles at a rate of 40,000 times per second. The extreme precision in the ejection of drops ensures sharp and well-defined prints, without compromising quality.

Highest quality images

The nozzles of Epson printers are unique and each produces drops in five different sizes, just like the brushes in various sizes used to paint a canvas. The larger drops are used to quickly and evenly print areas of the same color, while the smaller drops recreate detail with pinpoint accuracy. The Micro Piezo technology therefore allows you to reproduce even the most subtle shades between light colors and dark colors, for uniform and natural gradations.

More nozzles don't mean more quality

If one printer has more nozzles than another, it does not necessarily mean that the print quality is better. The nozzles used in thermal printers have very precise fixed dimensions, so you need more to try to achieve the same level of quality obtainable with Epson print heads.

Less maintenance and longer printer life

Unlike thermal printers, the fixed printhead used by Epson does not deteriorate, but it lasts as long as the printer. So you won't have to worry about replacing it, with all the resulting costs.

Inks suitable for all types of printing

Since the Epson printhead does not generate heat, our printers can be used with various types of ink, including heat sensitive ink. The print heads of thermal printers are compatible only with certain types of ink, precisely because they use a resistance that produces heat.

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