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Case History - SHL Group sceglie WorkForce Pro

Case History - SHL Group chooses WorkForce Pro

SHL Versicherungsmakler was founded in 2000 by partners Günther Schwob, Florian Haas and Frank Liepner.

Over the years, the company has grown and today has several divisions: SHL Insurance Brokers, SHL Property, SHL Consulting & Management and SHL Credit Insurance Brokers.
The group also founded the German Association for the Protection of Construction Financiers and the German Rent Deposit Federation, which are of particular interest to tenants as it provides alternative liquidity protection for security deposits, which are required for the rental of business premises. or private homes.

SHL has in-depth knowledge in the field of investments, of
insurance and property, as evidenced by its success: today the group has
over 30 employees in the Munich, Hamburg and Langensalza offices.

As it was printed before

Until recently, the Munich office had a high-speed printer
performance for the whole team.
"It quickly became apparent that there were distinct disadvantages and that we hadn't taken all factors into consideration in the past," explains Sebastian.
Kink, one of the legal representatives of SHL Group. "One printer for the whole
team meant that each employee had to stand up, take their own prints
and go back to the desk. However, the main problem was not the lost time,
as well as the fact that the staff in the open space were continually disturbed
from the noise and the constant coming and going. Now, however, the prints don't stay long
in the printer and do not mix with other print jobs. With a total of
15,000 - 20,000 pages printed each month, that's an important aspect. "

Inkjet printers for work groups

Group management decided to ask various vendors for an office printing solution. The choice fell on a model from the Epson Workforce Pro range of office inkjet printers. In addition to the exceptional cost per page that no other competitor was able to offer, this solution was characterized by an extremely simple operation, an aspect that has
represented the decisive choice factor.

Thanks to the new printing policy introduced using the Epson printer
WorkForce, in addition to these extremely affordable costs, another decisive factor in achieving these figures is double-sided printing.
Ten WorkForce Pro MFPs were installed in the Munich office, a
to which work groups with up to five employees have access.
Typically, in every office that operates in the field of investment, insurance and property there is, in addition to the need to print daily, the need to create high quality presentations.
The WorkForce printers are also perfect for this need, as thanks to the pigment inks, printing on coated paper to create professional presentations is a breeze.
Epson's business inkjet printers also allow you to seamlessly print the highest quality documents on letterhead paper, such as warranty certificates. "


"Epson printers were the right choice," concludes Kink. "My advice for companies with workgroups our size is to consider inkjet printers as a quality, professional and affordable printing solution."

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