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Inverter KStar KSG-15K 15kW Trifase + Wifi

by KStar
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Model KSG-10K KSG-12K KSG-15K KSG-17K KSG-20K
Max. DC power 11.5KW 13.5KW 16.5KW 18.5KW 22.5KW
Max. DC voltage 1000Vdc
MPPT voltage range 250~950Vdc
Full load MPPT voltage range 480~800Vdc
Min. / Start DC voltage 200 / 250Vdc
Number of MPPT trackers 2
Strings per MPPT tracker 1 2
Max. input current per MPPT tracker 13A 21A
Nominal AC output power 10KW 12KW 15KW 17KW 20KW
Max. AC output power 11KW 13KW 16KW 18KW 22KW
Nominal AC voltage 400Vac
AC voltage range 400Vac±20%
Nominal AC grid frequency 50 / 60Hz
AC grid frequency range 50 / 60Hz(±5Hz)
Max. output current 17A 20A 24A 27A 32A
Power factor (cosФ) Lagging0.8~Leading0.8
THDI <3%
AC connection 3W+N+PE / 3W+PE
Topology Transformerless
Max. efficiency 98.0%
Euro efficiency 97.5%



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