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Imitation leather fabrics

High quality synthetic material PU leather fabric

Our company policy aimed at a low environmental impact has led us to the natural choice of synthetic materials, we use only PU leatherette upholstery for executive chairs:

The leatherette upholstery is a synthetic leather and can be a fabric impregnated / coated with polyurethane resins (also called PU leather) or completely synthetic (without fabric backing), which can have a similar appearance to natural leather or leather, an appearance technical, a fantasy and lends itself a lot to customizations.

It should not be confused with eco-leather, which is a leather with a reduced environmental impact.

Features of the best quality PU artificial leather material

Highest quality PU synthetic leather, same look and feel as leather, excellent physical and chemical properties, superior durability, even better performance than leather.
The optimal leather replacement material, can perfectly replace the leather.

1. The same looks and the same hand feel and a comfortable touch like skin.

2. Superior strength, tensile strength, tear strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance beyond the skin.

3. Good chemical resistance, acid resistant, alkali resistant, not easy mildew.

4. 30% less weight than leather.

5. High usage rate, regular size, uniform thickness, easy cutting.

6. Affordable.

7. Ecological.

8. Easy to clean and maintain.